3.3V/5V High Speed Digital CMOS Optocoupler

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The ACPL-071L single-channel, 15MBd CMOS optocouplers utilize the latest CMOS IC technology to achieve outstanding performance with very low power consumption.

The building blocks of the 3.3V/5V ACPL-071L optocouplers are high speed LEDs and CMOS detector ICs. Each detector incorporates an integrated photodiode, a high speed transimpedance amplifier, and a voltage comparator with an output driver.

ACPL-071L optocouplers are available in  SOIC-8 packages.






  • 3.3V and 5 V CMOS compatibility
  • High speed: 15 MBd min.
  • 30 ns max.  pulse width distortion
  • 40ns max. propagation delay (at 3.3V supply)
  • 30 ns max. propagation delay skew
  • 10 kV/µs minimum common mode rejection
  • –40 to 105°C temperature range
  • Glitch-Free Power-Up Feature
  • Safety and regulatory approvals
    -UL recognized: 3750 V rms for 1 min. per UL 1577
    -CSA component acceptance Notice#5.
    -IEC/EN/DIN EN 60747-5-2 approved for ACPL-071L Option 060
  • Options available are:
    060 = IEC/EN/DIN EN 60747-5-2 Option
    500 = Tape and Reel Packaging Option
    XXXE = Lead Free Option


  • Scan drive in PDP
  • Digital field bus isolation: - CANBus, CCLink, RS485, USB
  • Multiplexed data transmission
  • Computer peripheral interface
  • DC/DC converter

Lifecycle Status


Substance Compliance

  • RoHS
    Pb & Pb-free options available
Specification Value
Lifecycle Active
Distrib. Inventory Yes
RoHS6 Compliant Pb & Pb-free options available
Product Type High Speed CMOS Logic Gate
Package SO8
VDD (V) 3.3/5
IF Min. (mA) 9.0
Prop Delay (tPLH) Max. (µs) 40.0
Prop Delay (tPHL) Max. (µs) 40.0
CMR (min.) (V/µs) 10000.0
Vcm (V) 1000.0
UL Insulation Rating Viso (VRMS) 3750.0
IEC Maximum Working Insulation Voltage Viorm (VPEAK) 560
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3.3V/5V High Speed Digital CMOS Optocoupler


3.3V/5V High Speed Digital CMOS Optocoupler