ACPL-M61L/064L SPI Evaluation Board

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The ACPL-M61L (single-channel in SO-5 footprint) and ACPL-064L (dual-channel in SO-8 footprint) are low power, low input current, 10 MBd digital optocouplers. They are designed to operate at VDD from 2.7 V to 5.5 V and IDD of 1.3 mA/ch max. The input LED can be driven with a low input driving current of 1.6 mA.

The ACPL-M61/064L has a common mode transient immunity of 20 kV/μs (min.) at VCM = 1000 V.

The ACPL-M61L/064L evaluation board allows designers to evaluate Broadcom digital optocouplers easily on a solder¬less breadboard. The evaluation board contains one ACPL-064L and one ACPL-M61L (orientated 180°) to provide a total of three channels (two in the forward direction and one in the reverse direction). This combination is well-suited for isolation of most bus interfaces comprising of clock and separate data in/out signals.

Users may balance the input current limiting resistance between anode and cathode of each channel by replacing the dummy 0-ohm resistors on the evaluation board. This split resistor configuration improves the common mode rejection performance of the optocouplers.



  • Communication Interface: RS485, CANBus, I2C
  •  Microprocessor System Interfaces
  •  Digital isolation for A/D and D/A conversion

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