Specific Function Optocouplers

Broadcom offers a wide variety of industrial plastic optocouplers that are designed to perform specific functions. From the high-linearity analog optocoupler that can be used to isolate analog signals in a wide variety of appplications to the isolated current loop transmitter/receiver that allows direct control of 20mA current loop and high noise immunity. The isolated line receivers are ideal for current sensing applications such as in computer peripherals and digital isolation for analog-to-digital and/or digital-to-analog conversions.

IEC 60747-5-5 Certified

High Linearity Analog

Designed for use in applications such as switched mode power supplies, motor speed and position measurement, and analog voltage sensor.

Isolated 20mA Current Loop Transmitter-Receiver

Designed for data transmission applications of up to 30,000 feet where direct control of current loop and noise immunity is essential.

Isolated Line Receivers

High CMR line receiver optocouplers designed for a variety of applications including computer-peripheral interfaces, digital isolation for AC/DC and/or DC/AC conversion.

Isolated Voltage/Current Detectors

Threshold detection optocouplers designed for limit switch sensing, low voltage detection and AC mains and DC link voltage detection applications.

Wideband Analog/Video Optocoupler

Designed for applications that require a cost effective solutions for coupling audio and video signals.