High CMR Line Receiver Optocouplers

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The HCPL-2602/12 are optically coupled line receivers that combine a GaAsP light emitting diode, an input current regulator and an integrated high gain photo detector. The input regulator serves as a linetermination for line receiver applications. It clamps
the line voltage and regulates the LED current so line reflections do not interfere with circuit performance.

The regulator allows a typical LED current of 8.5 mA before it starts to shunt excess current. The output of the detector IC is an open collector Schottky clamped transistor. An enable input gates the detector. The internal detector shield provides a guaranteed common mode transient immunity specification of 3500 V/us.

DC specifications are defined similar to TTL logic. The optocoupler ac and dc operational parameters are guaranteed from 0 degrees C to 70 degrees C allowing trouble-free interfacing with digital logic circuits. An input current of 5 mA will sink an eight gate fan-out (TTL) at the output.

It is useful as line receiver in high noise environments that conventional line receiver cannot tolerate. The higher LED threshold voltage provides improved immunity to differential noise and the internally shielded detector provides orders of magnitude improvement in common mode rejection with little or no sacrifice in speed.



  • 3.5 kV/us Minimum Common Mode Rejection (CMR) at VCM = 300 V
  • Line Termination Included - No Extra Circuitry Required
  • Accepts a Broad Range of Drive Conditions
  • LED Protection Minimizes LED Efficiency Degradation
  • High Speed: 10 MBd (Limited by Transmission Line in Many Applications)
  • Guaranteed AC and DC Performance over Temperature: 0 degrees C to 70 degrees C
  • External Base Lead Allows "LED Peaking" and LED Current Adjustment
  • Safety Approval:
UL Recognized - 3750 V rms for 1 Minute
CSA Approved
  • Options available are:
300 = Gull Wing Surface Mount Option
500 = Tape and Reel Packaging Option
XXXE = Lead Free Option


  • Isolated Line Receiver
  • Computer-Peripheral Interface
  • Microprocessor System Interface
  • Digital Isolation for A/D, D/A Conversion
  • Current Sensing
  • Instrument Input/Output Isolation
  • Ground Loop Elimination
  • Pulse Transformer Replacement
  • Power Transistor Isolation in Motor Drives

Lifecycle Status


Substance Compliance

  • RoHS
    Pb & Pb-free options available
Specification Value
Lifecycle Active
Distrib. Inventory Yes
CMR (min.) (V/µs) 3500.0
Vcm (V) 300.0
RoHS6 Compliant Pb & Pb-free options available
Product Type Line Receiver
Prop Delay (tPHL) Max. (µs) 100.0
Prop Delay tPHL Uom ns
Prop Delay (tPLH) Max. (µs) 100.0
Prop Delay tPLH Uom ns
VDD2 (V) 5.0
Prop Delay (tPHL) Max. (µs) 100 ns
Prop Delay (tPLH) Max. (µs) 100 ns
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