Reference Designs

Broadcom develops reference designs to help customers shorten design cycles and speed up time to market. Broadcom has partnered with key industrial players, like IGBT suppliers or our channel partners who have in depth system and product knowledge in their respective field for most of the reference designs. Together, Broadcom and our suppliers/channel partners leverage our combined expertise to developed complete solutions to help customers solve system application challenges. The reference designs for optocouplers include schematics, layouts, BOMs, and  test results and are designed to demonstrate best engineering and industrial practices.

Disclaimer : Broadcom reference designs for optocouplers are solely designed for customers to use in the development of systems that use Broadcom products. The documents provided with the reference designs are for reference only and customers remain responsible for the systems that they design, test, and evaluate. Broadcom may make corrections, enhancements, improvements, and other changes to its reference designs.

Reference Designs for Optocouplers