Fibre Channel Storage I/O Controllers

The Emulex storage I/O controllers (IOCs) by Broadcom provide fully integrated, flexible, high performance solutions to support a broad range of 64Gb, 32Gb, 16Gb and 8Gb Fibre Channel enterprise-class storage systems. Emulex IOCs provide the performance to simultaneously support target and initiator modes, while also supporting the data integrity and scalability features that leading enterprises require.

Emulex Engine

XE601 I/O Controller

Gen 7 (64/32Gb) Fibre Channel I/0 Controller

Emulex Engine

XE501 I/O Controller

Gen 6 (32/16Gb) Fibre Channel I/0 Controller

Emulex Engine

XE201 I/O Controller

Gen 5 (16/8Gb) Fibre Channel/ Converged Fabric I/O Controller

IOC 540 product image

IOC 540 Embedded Storage Controllers

8GFC controller designed for storage system providers