IOC 540 Embedded Storage Controllers

8GFC controller designed for storage system providers

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The Emulex Storage I/O processors/controllers provide a fully integrated, high performance solution to support entry-level to high-performance 8GFC enterprise-class storage systems.

The Emulex IOC 540 is the industry’s first dual-channel 8GFC controller designed for storage system providers that want flexibility in their storage controller designs. The Emulex IOC 540 provides the necessary performance to simultaneously support target and initiator modes, while also enabling the data integrity and scalability features enterprise-class storage systems require. The Emulex SLI™ (Service Level Interface) Technology allows storage system providers to leverage designs to many different applications to reduce development efforts and time to market. Emulex delivers complete embedded flexibility to storage system providers.


The Emulex IOC 540 provides storage system providers with the following key features:

  • 8, 4 or 2GFC IOC—industry’s first dual channel FC controller delivering up to 1600MB/s full-duplex bandwidth per channel.
  • Dual and Single FC Controllers—offers storage system providers flexibility in their storage controller designs by delivering simultaneous target and initiator functions for FC.
  • Emulex SLI™ Technology—enables driver compatibility while delivering a very high level of compatibility across multiple protocols, such as Fibre Channel and SAS/SATA. Allows firmware to be upgraded independently of drivers, providing for an increased return on investment and investment protection.
  • Emulex BlockGuard®—Emulex designed block data integrity, based on ANSI T10-PI DIF standard, providing enhanced reliable delivery of data across storage networks for end-to-end data protection.
  • PCI-Express Support—host interface connections for 2.5GHz eight lane connections, or 5.0GHz four lane connections.


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Specification Value
Lifecycle Active
Distrib. Inventory No
Ordering Part # IOC-540-01-01, Single-Channel I/O Controller, 1 port FC, IOC-540-02-01, Dual-Channel I/O Controller, 2 ports FC
Package Type 23mm x 23mm PBGA
Host Bus Type x8 PCIe 2.0
Industry Standards FC-AL-2 FC Arbitrated Loop Standards, FC-FS FC Framing and Signaling Interface, FC-MJS FC Methodologies for Jitter Specification, FC-PH-1, 2, 3 FC Physical and Signaling Interface Standards, FC-PI FC Physical Interfaces, FCP FC Protocol for SCSI Standard, FCP-2 FC Protocol for SCSI, Second Version
Regulatory Certifications RoHS compliant
Operating Temperature 0°C to 70°C
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