LPe31002 FC Host Bus Adapter

2 Ports 16GFC Short Wave Optical – LC SFP+

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The Emulex Gen 6 (16/32Gb) Fibre Channel (FC) Host Bus Adapters (HBAs) by Broadcom are designed to address the demanding performance, reliability and management requirements of modern networked storage systems that utilize high performance and low latency solid state storage drives for caching and persistent storage as well as hard disk drive arrays.

Fibre Channel is known as the gold standard for network storage connectivity in enterprise and cloud deployments. The latest Emulex Gen 6 FC HBAs offer higher performance, lower latency, enhanced diagnostics and manageability that benefit both 16GFC and 32GFC environments. Emulex LPe31000-series HBAs single or dual 16GFC optics and can be upgraded with 32GFC optics later to utilize the full performance of Gen 6 FC technology. The LPe32000-series is available with single or dual 32GFC optics.

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Ordering Part # LPe31002-M6 - 2 Port 16GFC Short Wave Optical – LC SFP+
Ordering Optional Accessories [[Broadcom 32GFC optical transceiver kits must be used with LPe31000/32000-series., LP32-SW-OPT-1 - 32GFC Short Wave Optical (1 piece kit), LP32-SW-OPT-2 - 32GFC Short Wave Optical (2 piece kit)]]
Whats in the box

Each box includes:

  • Quantity 1, low-profile Host Bus Adapter, with Optic/s
  • Quantity 1, full-height bracket
  • Quantity 1, low-profile bracket
  • Quantity 1, Firmware download sheet and RoHS sheet
Generation Gen 6 (32/16GFC)
Physical Dimensions Short, low profile PCIe card, 167.64mm x 68.91mm (6.60” x 2.71”), Standard bracket (low profile bracket ships in box)
Cable Support 100m at 32Gb on 50/125 μm OM4 MMF, 20m at 32Gb on 50/125 μm OM2 MMF, 70m at 32Gb on 50/125 μm OM3 MMF, Operating at 32Gb
Optical Data Rates 14.025 Gb/s (1600Mb/s), 8.5 Gb/s (800Mb/s), 4.25 Gb/s (400 Mb/s) (auto-detected)
Hardware Environment PowerPC, SPARC, Intel x86, x64
Ports 2
Optics Short wave lasers with LC type connector Fixed optics
Host Bus Type PCIe Gen3 x8
I/O Controller XE501
Operating Humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing
OS Support Additional support is available from OEMs and partners, Oracle Solaris, SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server, VMware vSphere
Industry Standards Current ANSI/IETF Standards: FC-PI-4, FC-DA, FC-DA-2, FC-FS, FC-GS-6, FC-LS-2, FC-PH-2, FC-PH-3, FC-PI, FC-PI-2, FC-PI-5, FCP-4, Fibre Channel class 3, Legacy ANSI/IETF standards: FC-PH, PCIe base spec 3.0, PCIe card electromechanical spec 3.0, PHP hot plug-hot swap, SBC-3, SPC-4, SSC-4
Regulatory Certifications [Australia(RCM), Japan(VCCI Class A), China(China RoHS Compliant), Europe(CE Mark, EU RoHS compliant,TUV Bauart Certified), Korea(MSIP[formerly KCC/MIC]Class A), Taiwan(BSMI Class A)]
Warranty 3 years standard warranty, including technical support. Advanced exchanges available upon request.

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