Minimize system downtime by collecting all of the adapter, system, and  management data needed for resolution

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OneCapture is an Emulex® adapter device driver utility that collects information from the operating system, Emulex software, and Emulex adapters to speed troubleshooting. With one-click OneCapture provides a snapshot of your system, which can be used by Broadcom and server OEM technical support to quickly diagnose and correct a number of issues.

Key Benefits

  • Aids in rapid troubleshooting of issues by Broadcom and server OEM support personnel 
  • Provides a single, zipped file with the information needed to accurately diagnose and address system problems
  • Capture a “snapshot” of your system without having to individually collect logs and dump files
  • Avoid downtime by collecting the information needed for fast technical support resolution

Key Features

  • Quickly captures all available configuration files, dump files, and log files for a single snapshot of your system
  • Easily installed as a single .exe file 
  • Offers firmware-level diagnostics
  • Runs from any directory or folder on your computer
  • Performs both a live and a dead core dump on Emulex adapters
  • Captures 24 different components, including driver settings
  • Creates a single, zipped file for Broadcom or server vendor technical support

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