Hard Disk Drives

Demand for storage capacity continues to grow rapidly, requiring hard disk drive (HDD) manufacturers to build higher-capacity hard drives. TrueStore® hard disk drive components let HDD manufacturers tackle the data deluge. HDD preamplifiers and SOCs are critical in enabling HDD manufacturers to deliver greater density and capacity.
New HDD recording technology, such as Array Reader Magnetic Recording (ARMR) is needed to enhance recording capacity in HDDs in order to address the ever-expanding storage requirements. Compared with other magnetic recording technologies, ARMR offers over 25% gain in areal density delivering significant enhancement in HDD storage capacity. Broadcom is the industry leader in enterprise storage solutions with a broad portfolio of advanced HDD preamplifers and read-channel SOCs for next-generation ARMR-based HDDs. Leveraging unique analog, 12Gb/s SAS and 6Gb/s SATA SerDes, and DDR memory I/O technologies, Broadcom provides advanced HDD chip solutions addressing high-capacity, high-performance storage needs.

Hard Disk Drive SOCs

Based on purpose-built SSD IP and flash controller system designs, Broadcom custom SSD SOCs are an industry leader.