MegaRAID SafeStore Software

Manage self-encrypting drives attached to MegaRAID controller cards for higher levels of security

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Self-encrypting drives (SEDs) constantly perform encryption and decryption of all drive contents, but it takes an authentication key to lock a drive so that its contents remain safely beyond the reach of hackers and thieves. MegaRAID® SafeStore software helps to create and locally manage those authentication keys.
  • Help keep data constantly encrypted and safe from prying eyes with the SafeStore Auto Lock functionality
  • Use the Instant Secure Erase feature to delete authentication keys and effectively wipe all drive contents — a far quicker and more effective solution for drive disposal or repurposing than many conventional methods


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Software License MPN MR SAFESTOREOCS - Compatible with MegaRAID SAS controllers series 9260, 9261, 9265, 9266, 9270, 9271, 9280, 9285, 9286, 9361, 9380, 9460, 9480
Physical Key MPN L5-25150-00 - Compatible with MegaRAID SAS 9260 (-4i, -8i, -16i), 9280 (-4i4e, -16i4e, -24i4e)
L5-25188-01- Compatible with MegaRAID SAS 9265-8i, 9266 (-4i, -8i), 9270-8i, 9271 (-4i, -8i, -8iCC), 9285 (-8e, CV-8e), 9286 (-8e, CV-8e, CV-8eCC), 9361 (-4i, -8i, -16i), 9380 (-4i4i, -8e), 9460 (-16i, -8i), 9480 (-8i8e)
Supported Operating Systems Compatible with all operating systems supported by MegaRAID controllers
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