Wireless Embedded Solutions and RF Components

Broadcom offers a broad range of wireless solutions for mobile and wireless infrastructure applications including smart phones, tablets, internet gateway routers and enterprise access points.
Broadcom leads the industry in technical innovation across many wireless disciplines from RF front end systems to baseband transceiver SoCs. Broadcom’s wireless product portfolio includes a broad array of advanced RF components for wireless and microwave systems and highly differentiated wireless connectivity solutions for LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GNSS applications.

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Wireless Amps


Broad selection of RF amplifiers including gain blocks/drivers, low noise amplifiers (LNAs) and variable gain amplifiers (VGAs) for cellular applications and diverse markets.
Wireless Demos

Demo Boards

A wide range of demonstration circuit boards for use in testing the performance of MMICs and discrete solutions.
Wireless Diodes


An extremely broad product portfolio of Schottky and PIN diodes for use in wireless communications.

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Wireless Fbar Multiplex

FBAR Devices

Broadcom FBAR technology filters, duplexers, and multiplexers designed for smartphone handset applications.

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Wireless Amps

Handset Power Amplifiers

Power amplifiers specifically designed for use in cell phone handsets and enabling today's 4G mobile devices and smartphones.
Wireless Mmwave

Millimeter Wave

Comprehensive line of millimeter wave (MMW) MMICs designed for next-generation communication networks.
Wireless Transistors


Broad selection of silicon bipolar and GaAs FETs transistors for infrastructure and diverse market applications.

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Wireless Bluetooth SoCs

Bluetooth SoCs

These single-chip solutions for Bluetooth® applications are highly integrated System-on-a-Chip (SoC) devices designed to take full advantage of the way consumers interact with smart audio devices in our environment today.
Wireless - GNSS_GPS SoCs


Products that include GNSS/GPS functionality are consumer favorites, with the technology now integrated into smartphones, wearables, automobiles and IoT devices.
Wireless - Wireless LAN_Bluetooth Combo

Wireless LAN/Bluetooth Combo

Broadcom's WLAN/BT combo portfolio consists of highly integrated, industry-leading SoCs. These products provide the industry's best connectivity solutions for use in mobile phones and mobile accessories where small form factor and low power consumption are essential.
Wireless - Wireless LAN Infrastructure

Wireless LAN Infrastructure

Broadcom is a worldwide leading provider of solutions for wireless LAN infrastructure, developing SoC solutions for 802.11 Wi-Fi routers, service provider gateways and enterprise access points.