Low Cost Broadband Silicon RFIC Amplifier

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The ABA-54563 is a 5V low-cost Silicon RFIC amplifier housed in an industry standard SOT-363 surface-mount package (6-lead SC70). This device is unconditional stable combined with input and output VSWRs of less than 1.5, and internal input and output 50ohm matching, making them easy to integrate into a variety of circuit designs.


  • The ABA-54563 provides an operating frequency of DC to 3GHz. At 2GHz, it offers gain of 23.1dB, 16.1dBm P1dB, 27.8dBm OIP3 and 4.4dB NF.

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Substance Compliance

  • RoHS6
    Fully Compliant
Specification Value
Lifecycle Obsolete
Distrib. Inventory No
Cur Bias In Ma (mA) 79.0
Freq Max In Ghz 3.4
Gain Ctgn High
Gain In Db 23.1
RoHS6 Compliant Y
Peak Output Current Min (A) 80
Noise Fig In Db 4.4
Pin Count 6.0
Pwr Out In Dbm 16.1
Test Bias Current (mA) 79.0
Test Bias Voltage (V) 5.0
Vbias In V 5.0
Frequency (GHz) DC-3.4
Bias Condition (V@mA) 5V@79mA
NF (dB) 4.4
Gain (dB) 23
P1dB (dBm) 16.1
OIP3 (dBm) 27.8
Package SOT-363
ADS Model 1 i
Application Note2 i
Gerber Files2 i
Obsolescence Notice1 i
Product Change Notice (PCN)4 i
Reliability Data Sheet1 i
S-Parameter3 i


Demonstration circuit board for ABA-3XX63 and ABA-5XX63 in cascaded application


Demonstration Circuit Board for the ABA-51563, ABA-52563, ABA-53563 and ABA-54563