Ultra Low Noise, High Linearity Low Noise Amplifier

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Broadcom’ MGA-635P8 is an economical, easyto-use GaAs MMIC Low Noise Amplifier (LNA). The LNA has low noise and high linearity achieved through the use of Broadcom’ proprietary 0.25um GaAs Enhancement-mode pHEMT process. It is housed in a miniature 2.0 x 2.0 x 0.75mm3 8-pin Quad-Flat-Non-Lead (QFN) package.

It is designed for optimum use from 2.3GHz up to 4GHz. The compact footprint and low profile coupled with low noise, high gain and high linearity make the MGA-635P8 an ideal choice as a low noise amplifier for cellular infrastructure for LTE, GSM and CDMA.

For optimum performance at lower frequency from 450MHz up to 1.5GHz, MGA-633P8 is recommended. For optimum performance at frequency from 1.5GHz up to 2.3GHz, MGA-634P8 is recommended. All these 3 products, MGA-633P8, MGA-634P8 and MGA-635P8 share the same package and pinout configuration.


  • Ultra Low noise Figure
  • High Linearity performance
  • GaAs E-pHEMT Technology
  • Low cost small package size: 2.0x2.0x0.75mm3
  • Excellent uniformity in product specifications
  • Tape-and-Reel packaging opyion available


  • Low noise amplifier for cellular infrastructure for LTE, GSM and CDMA
  • Other ultra low noise application

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Substance Compliance

  • RoHS6
    Fully Compliant
Specification Value
Lifecycle Obsolete
RoHS6 Compliant Y
Distrib. Inventory No
Frequency (GHz) 2.5
Bias Condition (V@mA) 5V@56mA
NF (dB) 0.56
Gain (dB) 18
P1dB (dBm) 21.9
OIP3 (dBm) 35.9
Package QFN 2x2
ADS Model 2 i
Application Note2 i
Obsolescence Notice1 i
Product Change Notice (PCN)1 i
Reliability Data Sheet1 i
S-Parameter5 i
White Papers1 i


Demonstration circuit board for MGA-633P8, 634P8, 635P8