Bluetooth® EDR + FM Radio Single-Chip Solution

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A monolithic 0.13 micron single-chip Bluetooth 2.0+EDR compliant stand-alone baseband processor with an integrated 2.4 GHz transceiver, integrated FM and RDS/RBDS receiver and an integrated FM baseband processor.
It features the highest level of integration and eliminates all critical external components, thus minimizing the footprint and system cost of implementing a Bluetooth and FM solution. The BCM2048 has been designed to support key features of next-generation Bluetooth technologies. The BCM2048 is the optimal solution for any voice and/or data application that requires the Bluetooth SIG standard Host Controller Interface (HCI) via a high-speed UART and PCM. The BCM2048 incorporates all Bluetooth 2.0+EDR features including eSCO, AFH, fast connect, all EDR packet types and lengths, and all errata. The BCM2048 also includes InConcert® and other industry collaborative coexistence solutions with WLAN systems.


  • Highly integrated, single-die Bluetooth and FM/RDS with low external bill-of-materials cost and small footprint area < 35 mm² 
  • Superb RF sensitivity for both Bluetooth and FM with no loss of performance under concurrent operation 
  • Flexible control and digital/analog transport interfaces for ease of integration into cell phone and MP3 player designs
  • Firmware migration path to new Bluetooth specifications


  • Automotive
  • Portable Audio/Media/Gaming Devices
  • Wireless Handsets
  • Wireless Headphones
  • Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
  • Wireless Speakers
  • Smart Devices

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The BCM53106 is Broadcom's lowest power consumption integrated Ethernet switch for next-generation Home Gateway, SOHO/SMB and wireless router applications. Building on the industry-leading 28 nm RoboSwitch™ architecture, the BCM53106 allows customers to significantly reduce power consumption of existing designs, while delivering higher performance to meet the growing bandwidth demands in the home and SOHO/SMB environments.

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