Assisted-GPS Worldwide Reference Network

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Using GPS satellite data collected from the WWRN, the A-GPS Server generates assistance data supporting both MS-based and MS-assisted modes, processes measurements from handsets to compute location, and seamlessly connects with control-plane or user-plane location servers.
In addition, the AGPS Server, using Long Term Orbits (LTO), supplies future ephermeris assistance data to handsets that is valid for up to a week. This enables the benefits of AGPS technology when temporarily out of mobile operator network range.


  • Superior A-GPS position accuracy with proven in commercial deployment and worldwide field trials
  • Flexible timing requirements with positions that can be computed from handset measurements without GPS time tags
  • Successfully deployed and operational with standards-compliant AGPS handsets
  • Long Term Orbits (LTO) provides accurate ephemeris assistance data valid for up to a week in the future


  • GPS
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones
  • Location-based Services

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Ultra Low Power Dual-Band 802.11n Wi-Fi/Bluetooth 4.2 Combo Chip