Third-Generation GNSS Location Hub with Dual Frequency Support

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The Broadcom® BCM47755 location hub is a single-chip device that combines location awareness capabilities with the typical functions of a sensor hub. The combination provides synergistic benefits that cannot be achieved with multiple ICs, such as low power consumption, higher accuracy, reduced footprint and a smaller BOM.


The BCM47755 supports two frequencies (L1+L5), and as a result, achieves lane-level accuracy outdoors and much higher resistance to multipath and reflected signals in urban scenarios, as well as higher interference and jamming immunity.


Furthermore, the BCM47755 incorporates numerous technologies that enable ultralow power consumption in both the location function and the sensor hub function. The device features a low-power RF path, a Big/Little CPU configuration composed of an ARM-based 32-bit Cortex-M4F (CM4), an ARM-based Cortex-M0 (CM0), and is built in a 28 nm process.


The BCM47755 can simultaneously receive the following signals:

  • GPS L1 C/A
  • BeiDou (BDS) B1
  • QZSS L1
  • Galileo (GAL) E1
  • GPS L5
  • Galileo E5a
  • QZSS L5


  • Smartphones
  • Wearables
  • Tablets

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