Millimeter Wave

This comprehensive line of millimeter wave MMICs are designed for next-generation communication networks.  The Broadcom product series of millimeter wave products include power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, general purpose amplifiers, attenuators, switch, mixers and multipliers.  Available in “bare die” or surface mount packaging, these MMICs are optimized to provide design flexibility and faster time to market for designers of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint type wireless communication infrastructure applications.

Most Broadcom millimeter wave MMICs are available in a 5x5 mm surface mount package or in chip. The MMICs support a wide range of radio bands and deliver industry-high performance and reliability.



Extensive selection of power amplifiers and low-noise amplifiers for millimeter wave (mmW) applications such as point-to-point Radio and VSAT.


Broad selecton of GaAs attenuators for microwave applications.


Easy-to-use broadband integrated MMIC in surface-mount packages.


Active frequency multipliers designed for millimeter wave commercial communication systems.


SPDT switch with low insertion loss and fast switching speed.