5G WiFi 802.11ac Client

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Implements the one- and two-stream 802.11ac specification to enable speeds up to 433 and 867 Mb/s, respectively, and is backward compatible with Not Recommended for New Design 802.11b/g/a/n devices.
This product family is used as client devices in smartphones, tablets, set-top boxes, digital televisions, PC products and other products requiring small size and low-power connectivity solutions. Each product has a single-chip dual-band transceiver that integrates all the major functional blocks in a complete 802.11ac wireless subsystem, including radio, baseband and MAC, along with, depending on customer application requirements, Bluetooth and FM radio. These highly integrated solutions provide the increased coverage and throughput performance required for high-quality video and media applications in the home and enterprise and can be added to any end product regardless of the application processor used.


  • Single-stream and dual-stream IEEE 802.11ac solution with data rates up to 433.3 and 866.7 Mb/s
  • Full IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n dual-band Not Recommended for New Design compatibility with enhanced performance
  • Supports 20, 40 and 80 MHz channels — up to double the bandwidth of 802.11n solutions — with optional SGI (256 QAM modulation)
  • 256 QAM, a higher-order modulation scheme that increases data transfer efficiency
  • 802.11ac-compliant transmit beamforming, low-density parity check codes (LDPC) and space-time block coding (STBC) for extended coverage.
  • Broadcom's TurboQAM® technology implements the highest data-rate 256-QAM mode in 2.4 GHz and enables up to 33 percent faster throughputs than 802.11n speeds when communicating with other 5G WiFi devices
  • Support for integrated and external power amplifiers and low-noise amplifiers
  • Key high-throughput mobility interfaces, including SDIO 3.0, PCIe and USB 3.0
  • Built-in media processing to off-load host processor and advanced idle power consumption performance, which significantly extends mobile device's battery life
  • Integrated Bluetooth and FM radio cores
  • Advanced multi-radio coexistence between 5G WiFi, Bluetooth and LTE subsystems


  • Tablets
  • 802.11 Wireless LAN Solutions
  • Smart Devices

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5G WiFi 802.11ac Client