Demo Samples

Example uncoded wideband speech files, the BroadVoice32-coded versions, and the narrowband versions coded by G.711, G.728, and BroadVoice16 are provided in a PowerPoint file "BroadVoice_Audio_Demo.ppt" for audio demo purpose. To listen to such audio demo files, download the PowerPoint file, put it in the presentation mode, and click through the 5 by 4 array of buttons with loudspeaker signs on them. Each row of buttons represents a codec condition as specified on its left side. Each column represents a single talker speaking one English sentence. As demonstrated in these audio files, BroadVoice32 and BroadVoice16 produce very high output speech quality for wideband and narrowband speech, respectively.

  • Download the PowerPoint file BroadVoice_Audio_Demo.ppt.