Communications Processors Downloads

Broadcom supplies communications processors to industry leading server, storage and data networking OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). Broadcom offers reference drivers, binary files, sample source code and development toolchains as a courtesy to users. The functionality of these files may differ from the current drivers installed on the target system. Additionally, since Broadcom does not sell products directly to end users, Broadcom does not offer comprehensive support for Broadcom's customers' products. If you are having a problem with a Broadcom-based communications processor product, Broadcom encourages you to contact the OEM for technical support.

CFE (firmware) source code

We have created the "CFE" firmware to run on Communications Processor (formally known as SiByte) customer evaluation boards, and are releasing it in source form in the hope that others will improve it and extend it to support additional device drivers, etc.

Compatible with Toolchain 2006a_410

CFE (firmware) binaries

CFE binary download contains files for multiple platforms; big-endian, little-endian and bi-endian. CFE firmware can be loaded using ROM Emulator (.srec file) or TFTP server (.flash file). Installation instructions are explained in a README document.

Version 1.4.2

Sample Software

The sample software is a collection of programs, header files, and documentation which may be useful to developers seeking better understanding about how to program the communications processors. Included are sample programs which manipulate communications processor peripherals, as well as sample programs which provide more information about low-level MIPS64 programming. Sample programs are written in C and assembly language.

Embedded Development Toolchain Downloads

Broadcom and Specifix, Inc. have worked together to provide an enhanced toolchain for embedded development on communications processors. The toolchain supports x86 host systems running Redhat Linux, and SPARC host systems running Solaris. Pre-compiled binaries for the sb1-elf target are provided.

The links below can be used to download version 2006a_410 of the Specifix, Inc. sb1-elf toolchain:

Archived Downloads

You may find previous releases on our archive page.