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Please note: The below service is for BCM57xx and BCM4401 network adapters only. Additionally, since we do not sell products directly to end-users, we do not offer comprehensive support for Broadcom's customers' products. If you are having a problem with a Broadcom-based Ethernet controller product, please contact either the PC or board manufacturer for technical support.

Please complete the below support form if you have attempted to obtain support from your product's vendor, and have not been able to resolve the issue you are experiencing. Please be sure to read the FAQ before completing the below form.

Confirmation of your support request will be emailed to you within several hours of completing the form. Broadcom's Technical Support staff will do its best to resolve the issue you are experiencing in a timely manner.

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Ethernet controllers are either add-in cards, referred to as NIC or Lan on Motherboard, referred to as LOM(On-Board).


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System model is the manufacturer's product name. For Example, HP Evo 620c.


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