Course Catalog

Brocade University offers a comprehensive suite of self-paced online courses, on site instructor-led courses delivered in a variety of languages by our Authorized Training Partners, as well as live virtual classes that can be taken from anywhere in the world.

The curriculum paths are designed to help students navigate the broad and diverse range of product and technology training available from Brocade. The paths are not designed to lead specifically to a certification or accreditation, although many offerings do satisfy the prerequisites needed before taking an exam.

Courses are organized into four main groups: Fundamentals, Product Training, Certification-related courses, and Advanced/Troubleshooting. The core curriculum is shown at the top of each page, with supplemental training at the bottom, where applicable. 

Course Name Course ID
Introduction to the Brocade Analytics Monitoring Platform (AMP 200-WBT) AMP 200-WBT
Introduction to the Brocade RESTCONF API API  200-WBT
Brocade Associate SAN Administrator (BASA 200-WBT) BASA 200
Brocade Professional SAN Administrator BPSA 300
Introduction to Brocade Network Advisor (BNA 101-WBT) BNA 101-WBT
Brocade Network Advisor for Fibre Channel SAN Fabrics (BNA 200-SAN-WBT) BNA 200-SAN
Brocade Professional Mainframe Storage Networking Architect (BPMSNA 300-WBT) BPMSNA 300
Brocade Gen 5 SAN Design (CFD 200-WBT) CFD 200
DCX Backbone Product Administration - PDF-Only (DCX 200-WBT) DCX 200-WBT
Introduction to the Brocade 7840 Extension Switch (EXT 110-WBT) EXT 110-WBT
Fibre Channel Basics FC 120
Introduction to Fibre Channel over IP (FCIP) FCIP 220
NVMe over Fibre Channel (FC-NVMe 101-WBT) FC-NVMe 101-WBT
Introduction to FICON (FICON 101-WBT) FICON 101-WBT
Fabric OS Update Training (FOS 110-WBT) FOS 110-WBT
FPI-220 Fabric Performance Impact FPI 220
Introduction to Brocade SAN Fabric Resiliency (FR 100-WBT) FR 100-WBT
Introduction to Fibre Channel Routing (FCR) FCR 220
Brocade Fabric Vision Technologies FV 200-WBT
Monitoring Alerting Policy Suite (MAPS-220) MAPS-220
FW-120 Firmware Management FW 120
Installation and Configuration (INST-120) INSL-120
Brocade 7840/SX6 IP Extension (IPEX 300-WBT) IPEX 300-WBT
Brocade 16 Gbps Fibre Channel Product Training (SAN 140-WBT) SAN 140-WBT
SAN Troubleshooting (SAN-TS 300-WBT) SAN-TS 300
VMI-220 VM Insight VMI 220
Zoning Zone 120