BASA 200

Brocade Associate SAN Administrator

This class provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to help them become proficient with Brocade Gen 6 and Gen 5 Fibre Channel products and Fabric OS v8.0.1 features. Topics include an introduction to Fibre Channel, switch installation and configuration, zoning, MAPS , Inter-Switch Links (ISLs), Long Distance ISLs, ISL Trunking, Inter-Chassis Links (ICLs), Layer 2 routing, updating switch firmware, backing up switch configurations, and basic troubleshooting. Students will learn to perform switch management tasks using the CLI and Brocade Network Advisor v14.0.1.

Duration: 04 days
Delivery type: WBT


Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Discuss Fibre Channel concepts
  • Identify the Brocade Gen 5 and Gen 6 product line
  • Describe physical layer SAN components
  • Install, configure, and verify the functionality of Brocade switches
  • Perform maintenance tasks that include downloading firmware, validating firmware downloads, and backing up switch configurations
  • Configure, verify, administer, and describe Brocade zoning
  • Evaluate layer two (L2) fabric routing
  • Implement multi-switch fabric trunking
  • Configure long distance solutions
  • Implement Monitoring Alerting Policy Suite (MAPS)
  • Describe and use Brocade error messages, commands and diagnostics


Before taking this course, students should have working knowledge of:

  • FC101: Introduction to Fibre Channel Concepts or a general understanding of the Fibre Channel protocol (frame format, etc.)
  • BNA 101: Introduction to Brocade Network Advisor
  • Six months of work experience associated with storage technologies

Target audience

This course is designed for storage administrators, SAN administrators, system administrators, SAN architects, systems engineers, and SAN operators that are involved with configuration, change management, maintenance, monitoring, configuration, and basic SAN troubleshooting.