FC 101-WBT

Introduction to Fibre channel concepts

This web-based course (eStudy) provides an introduction to Fibre Channel (FC) theory and fundamentals. It provides the basic FC information needed to understand Storage Area Network (SAN) component communication processes.  This is a baseline course for all Fibre Channel-based Brocade products, and is designed to provide a solid Fibre Channel base for everyone.

Duration: 03 hours
Delivery type:WBT


Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Identify key reasons, markets and components related to FC protocol.
  • Identify FC protocol layers and key related tasks and components, including
    8 and 10 Gbit/sec considerations.
  • Identify FC topologies, classes of service (COS), and key switched fabric flow control methodologies.
  • Identify key FC terminology, services, and expected behaviors.


  • Basic IT knowledge

Target Audience

This course is for all personnel responsible for designing, implementing, managing, and maintaining Fibre Channel
SAN solutions.