Premier Support

Premier Support

Premier Support is the highest level of support offered by Brocade. In addition to all the features included in Essential Support , Premier Support includes personalized, preferential, and proactive support features such as:

  • Premier account profile
  • Quarterly business support reviews
  • Accelerated escalation management (TBNs)
  • Priority access to expertise (priority queuing and enhanced TAC SLAs)
  • Unlimited access to the Proactive Change Review (PCR)
  • Software recommendations for upgrades and releases
  • Access to the Services Add-On Menu
  • Proactive bug notifications
  • Health Checks
  • Premier monitoring (including Remote Troubleshooting, Fault Management, and Proactive Monitoring)
Premier Support also includes a Brocade Support Account Manager (SAM). Brocade SAMs are knowledgeable about the customer’s network topology and serve as a single point of contact for all Brocade Technical Support activities. As a key escalation contact for all Brocade software and hardware issues, Brocade SAMs coordinate activities between the customer and Brocade Technical Support engineers, streamlining communication and accelerating problem resolution. They also keep customers informed about key support matters by proactively communicating and coordinating with them on a regular basis.

Premier support severity levels and technical support response/escalation times*

Case Severity Technical Engagement Time Communication Frequency Management Escalation
Level 1
Immediate Access (Phone) Updates every hour or as jointly agreed 0 hours – Technical Support Organization (TSO) Duty Manager, Support Account Manager (SAM) & Support Delivery Organization (SDO) Manager
2 hours – TSO Director
4 hours – VP Global Services
24 hours – GM BSN Division
Level 2
Immediate Access (Phone) Updates every 2 hours or as jointly agreed 4 hours – TSO Duty Manager, SAM & SDO Manager
12 hours – TSO Director
24 hours – VP Global Services
72 hours – GM BSN Division
Level 3
Within 4 hours Updates every business day     5 days – TSO Duty Manager
10 days – TSO Director
Level 4
Within 6 hours Updates every 3 business days 14 days – TSO Duty Manager
21 days – TSO Director

* The times listed are targets only and are not a guarantee that Brocade will respond or escalate within the target time.

Brocade Supplemental Support

Brocade Supplemental Support offers Premier Support customers direct access to Brocade Technical Support resources on a 24×7 basis. It is designed to augment existing support plans from Brocade OEM Partners and Brocade Solution Providers. Supplemental Support provides easy access to software fixes and upgrades, helping organizations avoid problems while benefiting from new features and enhancements. Supplemental Support customers must have an existing support plan with an authorized Brocade OEM Partner or authorized Brocade Solution Provider that covers their hardware.

Brocade Premier Support Resources