Recovering from 3ware Inoperable array with dumpall


For LSI 3ware controllers only, you will need to run the dumpall utility and provide the output to LSI technical support. Instructions are provided below.



  1. Download dumpall from this KB article by clicking on the file name below. Dumpall is provided in .zip format.
  2. Extract the contents of the dumpall archive to a blank floppy (or USB device).
  3. Remove all 3ware controllers from the system except the 3ware controller with the array for which you are trying to repair.
  4.  Boot to DOS.
    • You must boot to 16 bit DOS for low level hardware access to the array data.

      If you don't have a DOS bootable floppy, you can download a program to create a DOS bootable diskette (e.g. DOS 6.22, dos622.exe) from LSI PreBoot USB and CD package: Article ID 1211161499804
       , or create your own USB DOS boot. bootable USB device

      You cannot run dumpall in Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, or MacOS.
    • Insert the floppy diskette (or USB device) with the extracted contents of dumpall and type dumpdcb.bat. Dumpall takes about two minutes to run.
      If you have trouble running dumpdcb, refer to KB:

      3ware dumpall troubleshooting 


  5. Provide the dumpall output to LSI technical support. If you have a support case, put the log files in a .zip file, and attach to your web case. If you don't have a support case, you will need to create one.  See KB

(see base of article for zip format, password 3ware)

        7000 8000 AND 95XX:

Click_Here_To_Download_Dumpall_Small_For_7000_8000_9500S_Only (if using a floppy for running dumpall)

9650SE 9690SA and 9750SA:
up to 2 TB capacity

Larger than 2TB
Click Here To Download Dumpall_3TB drives only

If you have problems or no files are generated, make sure that you have your firmware up to date.
Latest 9750 firmware

Latest 9650 9690 firmware:

You should in most cases boot clean with no config.sys or autoexec.bat which load memory managers and other drivers that can impede tw_cdiag.exe from running, see step 4, 3ware dumpall troubleshooting. 

Send all .bin and .log files to your support rep or attach the files to your case as mentioned in step 5.


Broadcom Policy on Data Recovery

Our service agreement with customers does not cover data recovery. If a customer needs to extract important data from a failed RAID, NAS, SAN or hard disk drive, a professional data recovery company can provide that service for a fee. That fee is the sole responsibility of the customer.

Before a customer sends their LSI or 3ware
® RAID, NAS or SAN out for data recovery, they should contact a member of our Technical Support team who can help determine the cause of the problem and arrange for replacement of the hardware, if necessary.



  • Contact LSI Corporation Technical Support to validate through troubleshooting any issues that warrant hardware replacement.
  • The customer is responsible for all data recovery service costs.
  • Failed drives typically need to be shipped to the data recovery service company for the data recovery work to be done.
  • Turnaround times for completion of the data recovery will vary, based on needs of the customer as well as the time sensitivity and value of the data. Faster service usually involves higher fees.
  • The data recovery company will return the hardware to the customer after the recovery is completed.
  • The data recovery company offers a confidentiality agreement to users, but the company can and will report illegal data and/or illegal activities to authorities.
  • With the proper certification from authorities, data recovery services can be used to recover Top Secret, Secret and Classified, sensitive government and military data, and confidential corporate information.
  • Data recovery is possible on all media – single solid state and hard disk drives, memory cards used in digital cameras, micro drives, flash memory devices, CDs, DVDs, Zip cartridges, external hard disk drives, servers, multiple drive systems, RAID arrays, and network attached storage devices.
  • Recovered data can be returned on any type of media requested by the customer, as long as it provides sufficient capacity to hold all the recovered data.
  • A recovery company will maintain copies of the recovered data for a limited period of time, allowing the customer to access and verify the recovered data.
  • LSI Corporation assumes no responsibility with regard to selection, performance, or use of these data recovery services.  All understandings and agreements take place directly between the data recovery vendor and the prospective users.

Data Recovery Services and your LSI Product Warranty

LSI Corporation does not itself perform data recovery services, nor does it pay for any data recovery service, under any circumstances.
DriveSavers Data Recovery, Inc. is recognized by LSI Corporation.  If you utilize DriveSavers for your data recovery needs, LSI Corporation will not void your products warranty related to this activity. In all other instances, LSI Corporation will void the product's warranty if, when returned, it exhibits tampering and/or alterations (Please see our warranty exclusions statement).

To obtain information on DriveSavers Data Recovery Services, we request that you contact them directly at 800.440.1904. Data Recovery Specialists are available 24/7 to take your call.

DriveSavers Data Recovery Services, Inc.
Tel: (800) 440-1904
Fax: (415) 883-0780

Warranty Status
LSI Corporation reserves the last right of refusal regarding the warranty status of the device.
LSI Corporation will not be liable in any way for the loss of data contained on a LSI Corporation device.

How to Proceed with Data Recovery Service:
1.   LSI Corporation tech support agent sets up a conference call with a DriveSavers Data Recovery Advisor at 800-440-1904, or suggests that customer does so at their convenience.
2.   Reference LSI Corporation as the referral partner.
a.   This provides LSI Corporation customers with a 10% discount on DriveSavers professional data recovery service.
b.   On DriveSavers Standard and Economy Services, there is no charge if the data is unrecoverable.
3.   DriveSavers offers LSI Corporation customers:
a.   Free Evaluation Service. The free evaluation provides the customer with an exact final cost of the recovery service, and the opportunity to decide if they want to move forward with the data recovery. This is available on systems with 5 or fewer hard drives.
b.   Free Inbound Shipping from nearly any global location, including the completion of customs and shipping forms for customers outside the US.
c.   No Attempt Fees on the Free Evaluation service.
4.   Recovered data can be returned on any type of backup media. DriveSavers DataExpress鈩?Service can be used to download your recovered data instantly after the recovery is complete via DriveSavers secure FTP site.

DriveSavers Data Recovery Advisors are Available 24/7 at 800.440.1904.

To expedite the recovery process, they will need details about the computer system involved. Please be prepared to answer the following questions:
1.   What operating system was being used?

  • i.e.: Windows, Mac OS, LINUX/UNIX, etc.

2.   What is the total capacity of the hard drive or media?
3.   Who manufactured the hard drive?
4.   Drive interface?

  • i.e.: SATA, IDE, SCSI, Firewire

5.   What is the problem with the drive or media?
6.   What attempts have been made to resolve the problem or recover the data?
7.   What are the most important files, folders, and directories and what applications and versions were used to create them?

Cause of Data Loss

Data loss can result from many causes. These can include virus attacks, system malfunction, or human error in the handling or installation of the drive.
LSI Corporation highly recommends that users take standard measures to protect their data, the most important of which are frequent and regular backups, and diagnostic checks of your drives. LSI Corporation does not warrant any form of data loss.

Data Loss Prevention Tips

1.   Always back up, test your backup and keep current copies of important data offsite.

2.   Exit programs before shutting down your computer to avoid data loss and program corruption.

3.   Use high quality surge protectors or line conditioners with all computer equipment.

4.   Turn off peripheral devices after shutting down the computer, not while the disk is active 鈥?this may cause directory damage.

5.   Test your backup before reformatting your drive. If you use tapes, be sure you are familiar with the backup software before archiving important data.

6.   Power down before moving a drive.  When transporting a drive, prevent jostling by using a padded container.

7.   Allow sufficient space around the drive's cooling vents. Remove books, papers, etc., which might block airflow.  Do not put the drive on carpeting.

8.   Avoid rapid temperature changes.  As a general rule, if you are comfortable, the climate is appropriate for the drive. If the drive was previously in a very cold environment, allow your drive to warm up to room temperature before operating.

9.   Use software utilities with extreme caution. In case of severe corruption or physical damage this may make the problem worse.

10.   Power down immediately if your drive makes unusual noises. These sounds may indicate a mechanical problem that could ultimately result in total data loss.

When Disaster Strikes:

  • The first recovery attempt is always the BEST recovery attempt.
  • If you've lost critical data, data recovery service is your best and safest option.


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