What do I need to do to upgrade the firmware on my LSI MegaRAID controller?


If the current firmware is too old, you will need to flash an interim version of firmware
Click the link for the intrim firmware version above.   

Click here for Flash upgrading LSI SAS HBAs

If you do not have an OS installed, you can use LSI PreBoot USB or CD:

Use the Latest storcli if the OS is running:

storcli /cx download file=filename.rom ResetNow
Where /cx is the controller number, usually /c0
If you are having problems with your controller, do not use the online ResetNow parameter.
Gracefully shut the system down and restart the system after flashing.

You can also use legacy megacli which has real mode DOS support:
See Article ID 1211161496959 for the MegaCLI commands.

MegaCli AdpFwFlash f filename [NoSigChk] [NoVerChk] aN|a0,1,2|aALL is the basic command structure.

You can also use MegaRAID Storage Manager (MSM) to flash upgrade the firmware, as described in the MegaRAID User's Guide.


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