Internal RAID/HBA Warranty

Learn about the RMA process

Broadcom offers a Standard Warranty as well as Additional Support Service options for our LSI-branded storage adapter products.

(For services outside North America, please contact your local Broadcom representative.)

The Standard Warranty offers:

  • 3-year parts replacement support on RAID controllers and HBAs from date of purchase, EXCLUDING batteries, memory and cables
  • 3-year parts replacement support from date of purchase for CacheVault modules
  • 1-year parts replacement support from date of purchase for batteries, memory and cables
  • Part(s) replacement upon authorization by LSI (standard process may take up to 30 days depending on availability, expedited delivery may be available; see Additional Service options below)
  • Free technical support during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 9:00pm Eastern Time, USA, excluding holidays
  • Free software/firmware updates

Additional Service options available and pricing: 1) Advanced Parts/Expedited Delivery*  

Option a) Next Business Day - $49

Option b) Next Business Day AM delivery - $59

You will need to create a PayPal account and accept the deposit before the RMA is approved.
The deposit fee is returned after receiving the defective board minus the service fee.

Option c) Standard ship and return – No Charge
Controller will ship usually within 24 hours upon receiving depending on stock availability.

Please note: 

Availability of services and options may vary depending on local conditions; please check with your local LSI representative for availability in your location.

End Customers

For warranty services within the first 30 days of purchase, contact the provider from whom you purchased the product for warranty claims. Beyond this date, you can follow the process as describe below for any warranty and support services you might need. The warranty herein is made to and for the benefit of the original purchaser of this Product and is non-transferable.

  • To apply for warranty:

                 If within 30 days of date of purchase, you should contact the provider from whom you purchased the product.

  • If beyond 30 days from date of purchase:
    • Call 1.800.633.4545 or submit a form.
    • You will need to provide the product serial number for entitlement validation as well as contact information for troubleshooting and RMA purposes.
    • Upon validation of entitlement, LSI will initiate a troubleshooting session with you. If it has been determined that part(s) replacement is required, Broadcom will provide an authorization number and initiate the returns process through our RMA provider.
    • Our RMA provider will provide instructions, including the required ESD packing procedures, for the return of the part(s) to be replaced. Returns are to be at your expense. For standard RMA, replacement parts will be dispatched upon receipt of failed component in proper packaging. This standard RMA process may take up to 30 days. You will be charged for any parts received exhibiting signs of customer-induced damage.
    • For customers electing to use Advanced Parts/Expedited Delivery, the service charges (see Pricing) include shipping, packaging and insurance costs. When the replacement part is received, you can return the defective part using the same shipping container (instructions provided with RMA). Parts not returned within ninety (90) calendar days will be charged to you. Failure to pay the invoice will result in termination of the warranty.

For more details regarding services available and pricing in your country/region, please contact your local Broadcom representative.